Random Lines 2:-)

Back then,

I took things thrown on me as aspirations…..

And now,

They take things thrown by me as landmarks…..

Random lines:)

I was walking on the road

Then she gave me a smile

for a while, trust me,

It was like flowing in the Nile

… …

I remember some kisses,

though few were my misses

Your eyes quenched my thirst

when my tongue felt the glitches

… …

I’m a free bird ,

with no boss,

And your eyes

are my cosmos..

“Nature Forgives None “

Sometimes ignoring silence can be more dangerous than ignoring words..

(While these tiny creatures are on their way to extinction, humans are on their way to become animals)


Even Dinosaurs thought that they would rule all the world……………………………………

But remember “Nature Forgives None”!!


And we’re very close to reach too far from humanity… So let’s do a promise this new year that we will do whatever we can ,to make this new year memorable for these creatures too..

-Atlantium::-Next is Big

Yess, I miss them… (L-3)

The curly hairs with silky touch,

The wonderful eyes glittering all the time

Pondering into something serious ,

being cute at the same time..


That day when we bunked our classes,

sitting on the hillside, hand in hand

far from everyone.. being lost in eyes

capturing each other forever and ever..,


Imagining you’re face, my soul smiles


And when you ran out of your place,

to cure my bleeding wound

I remember you were awake all night

trying to make me feel relaxed,

You cured me more than any medicine.



Well these were just some of all of the moments

that we lived before you left the city..

I… I don’t know where you are now,

don’t want to know why you left?

The only request is that ..

Give me my early days back please

I miss them…

And yeah, I am yours forever my soul

don’t hesitate,, please come back!!

-Atlantium::-Next is Big

The Letter Series (L-2)

Virtual happiness ,false commitments,

And fake smile makes illusion

for a while…

But on crossing a quarter mile,

I look back at you..

that whether you are gone

or standing there still!

.. .. .. ..

And,… and trust me I try a lot

to stop my tears

like I’d done for years


But when our daughter asks,

“Where is Daddy? “, Mumma,

My tongue dries …..

Atleast please answer her question my love,

I can’t wear this shell of fake happiness


-With loads of love,

‘Your lovely wife’

-Atlantium:: Next is Big

The Letter series (season 1) ::#

The lights are getting dimmer,

the wind is getting drier

My lips are shivering,

and my soul is losing its calm…



Eyelids are getting heavier,

Ears are red and warm

slowly and steadily ,I can feel

my hands freezing



But ya,

Whatever happens to me my love

Please promise me one thing,

that your life must go on::)

Atlantium Next is Big

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