May Nature W🤞ns

In the ongoing fight of #Humans vs Coronavirus (nature’s weapon against humans) , let me make it very clear that I am on nature’s side.

Coz we had left no other choice for her than to kill us. Be it extensive -cutting of trees, mining, use of plastic products, soil, noise, water, air, and light pollution. As per the IPCC report the global warming gifted by us with pride to mother nature is increasing earth’s temperature by 0.2degree celsius/decade. In last 150 years only there has been a tremendous rise by 1.5 degree.

For another 1.5 degree rise it would require only 100 years which would eventually result in collectively melting of glaciers and opening the doors for the sinking of huge Landmasses throughout the world.

Hunting and poaching of other living creatures from animals, birds, insects to the marine animals and mammals is paving the way for the complete extinction of them from this planet. We’ll be left only with their footprints someday.

But the fact is that huge mass of world’s population don’t even accept the disastrous changes in the climate conditions. Slowly and steadily with countless efforts we are converting this atmosphere into a gas chamber which would gradually harm us and also cost the life of other innocent creatures.

We humans are killing animals on daily basis to feed ourselves. The most populous country China🇨🇳 is leading in it. We kill animals and eat them with no shame on our face.

The most depressing thing is that a high fraction of new generation don’t even care about these critical issues.

The world leaders do annual meetings on climate change perhaps there are no strict implementations on the ideas suggested by the environment experts. Many eminent leaders like the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi don’t have any knowledge about economy, science and climate change related issues. In fact he and his ministers don’t even accept that there is any climate change going on. The minister of environment and climate change Shri Prakash Javedakar had already cleared up that they’re not gonna bow down under International Pressure on climate change. Prime minister Modi himself had said once in his ” Mann ki Baat ” program that “Climate is not changing but we’re changing”……….. (2 min silence for his brain)………. And these people wanna make India a global super power………. This all happens when a government is funded by billionaire businessmen who want people to remain unbrushed about climate issues so that they can continue their profit making.

Above all were few of the reasons why I am with nature and against humans.

Criticism/Suggestions are welcomed .

Team Atlantium Inc.

Tuti hui mez par 😌

Iss tuti hui mez par, daraarein chipata hua

Kal bhi baitha tha, aur kal bhi baithunga…

Tumhare hone ka ikraar to hai,

Par aane ka intzaar nhi…

Tumhi keh ke gyi thi na ke bhula dena

gar ho sake toh

Kaafi kuch bhula diya hai maine

Tumhaari soch se bhi zyada shaayad,

Par haan,

Kal phir baithunga wahi, us tuti hui mez par

Aur apni kismat ki lakeeren mit ti hui dekhunga

Yaad krunga tumhaari god mein sar rakh kar sona

Aur tumhara mere baalon mein ungliyaan pherna

Ab jab tumhi ne aadat bigaadi hai

Toh kyun na tumhe kosunga….

Haan kal phir wahi baithunga

Us tuti hui mez par…

Woh Kaun Tha?

Ek… Ek thandi hawa k jhonke ki tarha aaya tha vo

Khud ko aawara panchi batata tha..,

Sitaaron ko apna yaar kehta to main hans padti …

Kehta tumhe apne saath nile ghode par bithaakar Antriksh mein le jaaunga…

Main apne kandhe se uske haath kinaare krti to

mujhe aur bhi kas kar pakad leta jaise main kahi gaayab hone waali hu….

Ya shaayad wo..,

Usse baarish mein bheegna boht pasand tha

Main rokne jaati to mujhe bhi apne paas kheench leta

Hahh… Wo hasta tha toh saara jahaan chehek uthta

Aur jab rota toh halak se aawaaz tak na aane deta…

Par uska dil aur aankhe ek si baatein krti…

Maine kabhi use theek se nhi hi jaana…..

Na usne kabhi shi jawaab diya ki woh kaun tha,

Na jane woh kaun tha?

-” Atlantium Inc. “

India and COVID19…

Prime Minister of India to all Indians in 2014: “ I pledge to all of you that we will bring the black money back to our country from the Swiss bank, and you’ll get ₹150, 000 in your bank accounts “!!

The poor people in India who don’t have enough money for their own lives answered him in 2020: ” We donate the same to PM care funds to fight COVID19 “!!

Bollywood actors be like : “We’ll teach people how to wash their hands and after that we’ll continue with our Antakshari, that’s what we’re contributing..!!! “

Indian Cricketers: “mmmm….,……….,…,…….give us some time to think about it….!!! “

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